See Y'all After the Summer!

We are so excited to be a part of the Horned Frog Family. But while all of you take a break for the summer, we will too. Don’t worry, we’ll be back next Fall to keep you updated on the news outside of the Bubble. Have a great summer!

Rape in Oklahoma

In a 5-0 decision by the Oklahoma Court of Appeals, a 17 year old boy was found not guilty of rape. The ruling was that he cannot be held legally responsible because it was oral rape, even though the victim was unconscious and drunk. The law in Oklahoma does not include forcible oral sex under the definition of “rape,” and the Court stated that they would not go outside of the law’s language in order to prosecute him. Critics say that their law is outdated. However, the FBI didn’t change their definition of rape to include oral assault until 2012.

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Fort Worth and the Refugee Crisis

Local teen members of Fort Worth Youth International have been working with Refugee Services of Texas and been able to prepare an apartment for an Iraqi family that recently arrived in Fort Worth by creating a GoFundMe (“Furnish a Home for a Refugee Family”). Syrians aren’t the only ones in search of refuge—millions of Iraqis have also fled their country and relocated. Many come to North Texas because there are established communities, churches, and organizations specifically for refugee resettlement here.

For more information on local involvement in the refugee crisis, click here. To get involved and volunteer with refugee kids in Fort Worth, click here.  

Billy Bob's is Now Smoke-Free

Due to customer feedback, Billy Bob’s is banning the use of cigarettes and e-cigarettes at the venue starting this Sunday, May 1st. People will have access to an outdoor patio, instead, where they can smoke. For those of you hanging around this summer, head out to the Fourth of July picnic hosted by Billy Bob’s—it’s on July 2nd though. For more info on the honky-tonk, click here.

Former Speaker of the House Sentenced for Molestation

Yesterday, former Speaker of the House, John Dennis Hastert, was sentenced to 15 months in prison and charged a fine of $250,000 for child molestation during his time as a wrestling coach in the 1970s. Hastert covered up the sex crimes for many years by bribing one of the victims. Now, decades later, multiple victims have come forward forcing the 51st Speaker of the House to admit to being a “serial child molester.” After a recent stroke and diagnosis of a blood infection, Hastert is wheelchair bound, but will still serve his time.  

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100 Days to Go and Still 100 Things to Do

With only 100 days left until the Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil still faces many problems, and not the normal pre-Olympic game issues. Their President is facing impeachment for financial manipulation and the whole government is enduring a bigger corruption scandal. Brazil is also in their worst recession in decades. The city of Rio intended to extend its Metro Line to the Olympic venues, but the subway line remains incomplete. Rio’s water quality is so bad that athletes have been warned about illness, not to mention the Zika virus epidemic. Brazil is working to improve conditions so they are acceptable for the games, and Brazilians remain hopeful.

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Another Round of Primaries

Clinton and Trump won yesterday’s primaries, but Cruz, Kasich, and Sanders have yet to back down. Sanders won Rhode Island, keeping Clinton from sweeping all five of yesterday’s primaries. Cruz and Kasich hope to keep Trump from receiving the nomination and should have a good idea if they will be able to or not after Indiana’s primary next week. 

For a 90-second Super Tuesday highlight reel, click here. To see the current delegate estimate, click here.

New Law in Oklahoma on Abortion

A bill just passed legislature in Oklahoma that will define performing an abortion as unprofessional conduct for a physician. This would prevent them from renewing their medical licenses and could even send them to jail. Oklahoma isn’t the first state to try to ban abortion, but all others have been struck down by the Supreme Court with reference to the decision of Roe V. Wade. Oklahoma would be the first state to attempt a ban this way, however.

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Chobani Employees Get an Incredible Surprise

Hamdi Ulukaya, a Turkish immigrant, founded Chobani in 2005 and owns the vast majority of this Greek yogurt goldmine. Ulukaya says that he had no idea that his company would be such a success and feels that he owes this prosperity to his employees. The company is currently worth $3 billion to $5 billion; today, he announced that he will be giving each of his 2,000 employees a share in the company once it is sold or goes public. It is estimated that each full-time employee will receive at least $150,000; however, the earliest employees may receive a share worth about $1 million. To read more about Chobani's gift to its employees, click here.

The Fight to End Malaria

Malaria is a devastating disease spread by mosquitos that has been estimated to kill half of all people that have ever existed. But there is good news- in the past 15 years, deaths from malaria have dropped from 839,000 to 438,000. Sub-Saharan Africa is affected the most by the disease, but the continent has seen a 40% decline in malaria rates. Majority of the prevention is due to wider distribution of bed nets that prevent bites while sleeping. These numbers make researchers hopeful that malaria might be ended within our lifetime.

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Candidates Teaming Up Against Trump

Realistically, Trump is the only candidate who can get a first ballot victory for the Republican nomination. The next possibility, Cruz, would have to secure every available delegate to reach a winning 1,237 on the first ballot, an almost impossible task. But Cruz and Kasich have decided to work together in a last attempt to defeat Trump. Kasich will focus on campaigning in New Mexico and Oregon, while Cruz will focus on Indiana. They hope to provide a strong alternative to Trump in order to stop him from gaining the delegates necessary win the nomination.

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Sexual Assault at Universities Nationwide

Two girls at Kansas State are suing the university for refusing to investigate their rape cases because the girls were raped off campus at a fraternity house. Earlier this year, Baylor was under scrutiny for turning away a girl who was raped, refusing to help her because the rape also occurred off campus. All schools are required by law to investigate allegations of sexual violence and provide support to the victims, whether they are on campus or not. The US Department of Education is currently investigating 161 institutions regarding their handling of sexual violence cases, and the list keeps getting longer.

To learn more the Baylor or K-state cases, click the links in the summary. To learn more about Title IX and sexual violence, click here.

Growing Suicide Rates

Suicide rates in the United States are on the rise for all age groups under 75. They started increasing in 1999, resulting in a total 24% increase, but doctors don’t know why. They do know that prevention programs help on the individual level, though helping people on the national level is challenging. The cause for every person is unique, and makes it hard to pinpoint. These levels are concerning and doctors hope to get more support for mental health care practices.

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Special Ops to Syria

On Monday, President Obama will announce the addition of 250 special operations forces to the 50 that currently reside in Syria. They have been working to support and increase the number of Syrians joining the fight against ISIS. The forces will be armed, but are not there to participate in combat. 

It's Called Fashion Revolution. Look it Up.

April 24th marks three years since the collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh which killed 1,133 and injured over 2,000. In response to the collapse, there has been a movement to raise awareness about ethical fashion and to encourage safety, fair wages, and transparency in the fashion industry. To see more on what some people are calling a “Fashion Revolution”, click here.

Prince Fans Pay Tribute

Prince died Thursday at age 57. Fans in Minnesota have responded with an outpouring of grief, but they also found a proper way to honor the singer. They held impromptu dance parties, decked out in purple clothing and Prince gear, and lined the streets with purple flowers and stuffed animals. Fans also camped out near Paisley Park, Prince’s home and recording studio, bringing bouquets of flowers and signs. Prince’s music transcended multiple genres and generations, and it defied the standard of creative freedom in the music industry. Following news of Prince’s death, President Obama issued a statement calling the singer “a virtuoso instrumentalist, a brilliant bandleader and an electrifying performer.” Prince’s death follows a series of postponed concerts and an emergency medical landing last week. The official autopsy is set to be performed today. Read more here.

Tiger Found Wandering Suburban Houston

Thursday the Conroe Police Department got calls about a disturbance in a suburb outside of Houston... regarding a tiger. The female tiger was captured by animal control while wandering the streets and transported to an animal shelter. After the police posted on Facebook trying to find the owner, it was discovered that the tiger had originally belonged to a rescue farm, but had been removed because of intense flooding. The tiger escaped after being relocated. When the tiger was found on the street by a local couple, she was reported being friendly, playing with them, licking them, and allowing them to pet her. She has yet to be relocated for good.

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UK Warns its Citizens About America

The UK Foreign office updated its website regarding travel to the United States. It added a warning under “local laws and customs,” stating that LGBT people should know about the new religious protection laws in North Carolina and Mississippi that allow businesses to refuse service to LGBT people. Both laws also require all people to use the bathroom relating to the gender that is on their birth certificates. The laws have caused companies and entertainers to cancel business or performances in those states, and it looks like they could also affect tourism in the future.

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Brazilian President Might Be Peacing Out

The Brazilian equivalent of the House of Representatives has voted to impeach their president, Dilma Rousseff, based on accusations that she has been practicing illegal accounting.  The Senate will vote next, and it looks like they will likely put her on trial which would suspend Rousseff for 180 days. If Rousseff is convicted and removed from office, it could mean a party shift for Brazil. The Olympics are not expected to be impacted by the government issues except by possible protests. For more answers, click here.

UFC Star McGregor Retires?

Arguably the most polarizing figure in sports, Conor McGregor, has announced that he is retiring at the age of 27. This comes after a contract dispute he was having with the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). Last month he suffered his first loss of his UFC career to Nate Diaz. He was scheduled to fight Diaz again in July, but last Friday UFC scratched McGregor from that fight. McGregor left this tweet yesterday, "I have decided to retire young. Thanks for the cheese. Catch ya's later."

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