About The Hop

What is the Hop?

The Hop is a student-run news platform that makes it easy and enjoyable for TCU students to stay up-to-date on what's happening in the world. It was established by the 2016-2017 Frog Aides, and is now being carried on by a group of TCU students who are passionate about "breaking the TCU bubble."

What is "Breaking the bubble"?

We love and are very proud of our university, but we also have recognized that sometimes it's easy to get so caught up in our studies, extracurriculars, and everything that is happening on TCU's campus that we sometimes aren't as socially, politically, or globally aware as we should. We call this being "trapped in the bubble." Here at The Hop, we give you the resources you need to break the bubble, and....

Why TCU Needs The Hop:

We encourage and promote the TCU mission “to educate individuals to think” and create “responsible citizens in the global community.” We also believe that students should have an entertaining way to stay up to date with the world around them. 


To educate and provide resources for TCU students regarding current events, politics, business, and global news via unique social media outlets geared toward college-aged individuals.


  • Educate students on topics that might be ignored due to the “TCU bubble.”
  • Make students aware of global and domestic news, whether positive or negative. 
  • Educate students on the presidential campaign by providing resources regarding the voting process, registration, and absentee ballots, and information about parties and candidate stances.
  • Make students culturally aware by providing information about the diverse world we live in and enabling students to learn about other, possibly unfamiliar, cultures.